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Herbicide Alpha bentazon, V.R.

Herbicide Alpha bentazon, V.R.
  • Herbicide Alpha bentazon, V.R.
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Active ingredient:

bentazon, 480 g/l


Soluble concentrate


Poslevskhodovy selective herbicide of contact action for destruction of one-year two-submultiple weeds


5 l

Method of application and consumption rates:

Culture Objects Norm expenses of medicine, l/hectare Way of processing Maximum number of processings
Soy One-year two-submultiple weeds 1,5 - 3,0 Spraying of crops in a phase of 1-3 real leaves of culture 1
Medicines with identical active ingredient use on the following cultures
Rice klubnekamysha and other marsh weeds 2,0-4,0 Spraying in a culture kushcheniye phase 1
Grain with subsowing of a clover One-year two-submultiple, including weeds are steady to 2,4-D and 2M-4H, Spraying in a phase of the 1st trigeminal leaf of a clover, 1-2 real leaves at a lucerne, in a phase of a kushcheniye of grain
Lucernes, grain with subsowing  
Peas One-year two-submultiple including steady to 2M-4X, weeds 3,0 Spraying in a phase 5-6 — culture leaves
Len-dolgunets Spraying in the phase "Fir-trees" with a height of 3 — 10 cm
Millet One-year two-submultiple including steady to 2,4-D and 2M-4H, weeds 2,0-4,0 Spraying in a phase of 3 leaves of culture
Corn Spraying in a phase of 3-5 leaves of culture


  • Differs in high selectivity.
  • Has no restrictions in a crop rotation.
  • Reliably controls not only broad-leaved, but also sedge weeds.
  • Convenient in use.

Action mechanism:

The mechanism of action of a bentazon which is initially based on irreversible process of blocking of photosynthetic transport of electrons. As a result of this reaction — assimilation CO2 is interrupted and the plant after a short stop dies in development.
After absorption active ingredient moves ahead on a plant through mezhkletnik and the carrying-out bunches. Force and the direction of transportation depend on extent of absorption, the place of drawing, a species of plants, a stage of development and conditions of the environment. Active ingredient moves mainly akropetalno (from the basis to a top). Weather conditions, favorable for growth of plants, lead to strengthening of absorption of active ingredient and improve its action.


The alpha bentazon is used for suppression and destruction of a wide range of two-submultiple weeds and plants of family of sedge.
Action range:
Sensitive: ambrosia polynelistny, galinsoga melkotsvetny, mustard field, buckwheat field, buckwheat Tatar, dope ordinary, not occasional office usual, nightshade black, lady's bedstraw tenacious, wormwood ordinary, portulak garden, radish wild, novel, camomile (types), smikavets (types), shchiritsa (types), ritsyk usual, cornflower blue, bitterling berezkovidny and pocheshuyny, zvezdchatka average, Teofrast's kanatchik, types of an orach.
Are moderately sensitive: zhabry usual, nettle (types), violet field, Veronika's types, bitterling ordinary.

General recommendations:

Efficiency of herbicidal processing depends on high-quality introduction of medicine. Soy is processed once in a phase of 1-3 real leaves of culture.
At the same time the maximum consumption rate in crops of soy is used in case of germination of weeds (from a phase of 4 leaves for one-year to a steblevaniye phase — for long-term).
The alpha bentazon is not recommended to apply with other medicines (herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers to extra root top dressing, growth regulators). Herbicides are not recommended to be applied in tank mix with anticereal medicines on the basis of active ingredient kletody.
For expansion of a range of action on crops of soy use of tank mix — the Alpha bentazon 2 l/hectare + the Alpha Maize of 6 g/hectare is possible.

Temperature conditions of application:

from +15 ° to +25 °C.

Consumption rate of working liquid:

200-400 l/hectare.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 08.04.2019
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